From Zero to the Top: the E-commerce App for Connected Services Will Soon Emerge to Become a Scalable Marketplace for Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes me Store app is an exemplary showcase for a web-based e-commerce shop that converts into an in-car commerce marketplace directly affiliated to the product. The app not only is the mobile marketing and sales channel for all services regarding connected cars – but also the pivotal marketplace for the ever-expanding offering of Mercedes-Benz and its partners. Through the interlocking of the e-commerce app Mercedes me Store and the central control app Mercedes me, the intuitive usage and convenient purchase close ranks. Same applies for supply and demand. Within a few weeks, the Mercedes me Store app was available in 32 countries, attracted over 300,000 users, and increased the conversion for connected services evidently. The factors of success: a personalized offering, a seamless integration in the app family, as well as a consistent user experience across all channels. Especially the checkout process wows the users because of its briefness: only three fast steps from selection to purchase—right at the same spot where customers use connected services every day anyhow. With their smartphones, in the cars. Easy as Amazon. This advance increases both, customer satisfaction and retention, and boosts cross and up selling. Scalability is a built-in feature, too when it comes to technology: The mere e-commerce functionality is available as an encapsulated software development kit. This allows a much faster time-to-market for future vehicle-based services.

Kai Müller

CEO Experience One

Kai Müller is founder and CEO of Experience One, a digital agency that derived in 2006 from a digital branch of Mercedes-Benz and creates digital experiences from product to e-commerce to new retail and sales. Marco Gehrig shapes the e-commerce strategy of Mercedes-Benz for more than 15 years. As manager of Mercedes me Store he is responsible for the web store, the app as well as the in-car store and paves its way for a global marketplace.


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